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       Green Coffee Bean Extract

Source: The extract is derived from dried Green Coffee Beans (Coffea Robusta) which are found in south India. The main active ingredient is Chlorogenic acid.

Description Green Coffee Bean Extract is an all-natural chlorogenic acid extract derived from raw coffee beans. Green Coffee Bean Extract is standardized to contain >50% chlorogenic acid. As compared to other antioxidant extracts like green tea, grape seed, or pine bark, etc., the chlorogenic and caffeic acid found in Green coffee extract are the most effective antioxidants on the market for the cost. As compared to green tea, chlorogenic acid has been shown in scientific research to protect against LDL oxidation as much as 14X greater, to have 8X higher antioxidant capacity, and is absorbed at a rate of 7X greater. Green coffee extract is self-affirmed GRAS. It is highly soluble with a neutral sensory profile, and can be an effective when delivered as a singular supplement or incorporated into a supplement formula, beverage, or food formulation.

Benefits Standard oxidation within the body can cause damaging reactive substances known as free radicals, and while the body has its natural defenses against such substances they nonetheless have the potential to damage
key components such as DNA, proteins and lipids (a.k.a. fats).
As a powerful antioxidant Green coffee extract, can effectively
quench or stabilize these free radicals before they can cause
harm within the human framework.

Indication Research supports a dosage of 250 mg per day to receive the optimal antioxidant benefits of these polyphenolic compounds.

Research Research implicates free radicals in the development of a number of degenerative diseases. It is suggested that certain conditions such as chronic ailments and aging can tip the balance in favor of free radicals that cause ill effects, for example the development of tumors is believed to be initiated, at least in part,by free radicals. Research confirms that there are overall health benefits from consuming an antioxidant rich diet.

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