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Green Coffee Bean Extract:

We are engaged in offering Green Coffee Bean Extract to our clients. The Green Coffee Bean Extract which we offer is derived from washed/parchment green coffee beans (coffea Robusta and coffea Arabica) and has an active ingredient called Chlorogenic Acid. Green Coffee Bean Extract is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). It is highly soluble with a neutral sensory profile, and can be effective when delivered as a singular supplement or incorporated into a supplement formula, beverage, or food formulation. Green Coffee Bean Extract contains less than 65% total polyphenols and is standardized to contain greater than 50% chlorogenic acid. As compared to other antioxidant extracts like green tea, grape seed, or pine bark, the chlorogenic and caffeic acid found in Green Coffee Bean Extract are the most effective and helps in protecting against LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) oxidation as much as 14 times greater, to have 8 times higher antioxidant capacity, and is absorbed at a rate of 7 times greater.


  • CGA- 45%, 50% 60%
  • Caffeine- NMT 2%, NMT 5%, NLT 10%
  • Bulk Density- loose and taped

Standard oxidation within the body can cause damaging reactive substances known as free radicals. As a powerful antioxidant, Green Coffee Bean Extract can effectively quench or stabilize these free radicals before they can cause harm within the human framework.

Source: Journal of International Medical Research, vol. 35, no. 6, pp. 900–908, 2007 & American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vol. 83, no. 3, pp. 674–680, 2006.



Curcumin Extracts

Curcumin ( diferuloylmethane) , The bright yellow chemical , the principal curcuminoid of urmeric (Curcuma longa), a member of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae).
Well known usage in Ayurvedic as medicine in pain relief and inflammation reduction. Currently used worldwide as herbal supplement, cosmetics ingredient, food flavoring and food coloring and has E number E100
Research shows it has many therapeutic effects, in diseases like alzheimers, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetic,
Chemically, curcumin is a diarylheptanoid, belonging to the group of curcuminoids, which are natural phenols responsible for turmeric's' yellow color. It is a tautomeric compound existing in enolic form in organic solvents and as a keto form in water.


  • Description: It is natural extract obtained by solvent extraction from the dried rhizomes of turmeric (used in Indian cuisine as a flavoring agent)
  • Formula: [HOC6H3(OCH3)CH:CHCO]2CH2
  • common synonyms: 7-bis(4-hydroxy-3-methoxphenyl)-1E,6E heptadiene-3,5-dine)
  • Formula Weight: 368.39
  • CAS No. : 458-37-7.
  • EU No.: E100.
  • CL No.: 75300
  • Physical appearance: Orange Yellow crystalline powder
  • Melting point: 180 oC
  • Density:0.93 g/cc oC
  • Curcumin content: NLT – 95%oC
  • Packing: HDPE drums (10, 25, 50,100 & 200 Kg) oC
  • Storage: Store preferably in full, tightly closed container in a cool, dry place protected from light oC

Curcumin extracts

curcumin structure


Garcinia Cambogia Extracts (HCA)

To serve diverse needs of our valued clients, we are engaged in offering a classy range of Garcinia Extract. This offered product is admired for its effectiveness and optimum quality in front of our patrons. The offered product is perfectly processed by using quality assured ingredients under the observation of specialists. Apart from this, the offered product can be available at budget friendly rates without compromising with the quality.


  • Impeccable taste
  • Water Soluble
  • Rich aroma
  • Health friendly


  • Product Name: Organic Garcinia extract
  • Botanical Name: Garcinia cambogia
  • Part Used: Fruits
  • Standardized for: Hydroxycitric acid (HCA)
  • Pharmacological Properties: Anti-obesity, Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory agent. Garcinia extract is very significant weight loss agent.
  • Physicochemical properties: Fine whitish powder with characteristic taste and odor. Free from heavy metals and other microbial contamination.
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Availability: In bulk quantity

Source: Chong PW, Beah ZM, Grube B, Riede L. IQP-GC-101 reduces body weight and body fat mass: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Phytother Res. 28 (10):1520-6 2014.

Garcinia Extract

Coleus Forskohlii Extracts

We have carved a niche amongst trusted and prominent companies for offering a large array of Coleus Extract. The offered product is known for its high nutritional content and offers variegated benefits to the patrons. This product is processed under hygienic environment with the help of sophisticated technology to ensure its longevity and purity. The offered extract is protectively packaged. Moreover, we offer this product to our respected clients at industry-leading prices.

Forskolin (also called Coleonol)
is a labdane diterpene that is produced by the Indian Coleus plant (Coleus forskohlii). Forskolin is commonly used to raise levels of cyclic AMP (cAMP -- Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) in the study and research of cell physiology. Forskolin activates the enzymeadenylyl cyclase and increases intracellular levels of cAMP. cAMP is an important second messenger necessary for the proper biological response of cells to hormones and other extracellular signals. It is required for cell communication in the hypothalamus/pituitary gland axis and for the feedback control of hormones.[2] Cyclic AMP acts by activating cAMP-sensitive pathways such as protein kinase A and Epac


  • Pure and natural
  • Protectively packaged
  • Long shelf life
  • Available in 10%, 20%, 40% and 95%

Source : Loftus HL, Astell KJ, Mathai ML, Su XQ. Coleus forskohlii Extract Supplementation in Conjunction with a Hypocaloric Diet Reduces the Risk Factors of Metabolic Syndrome in Overweight and Obese Subjects: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients. 17; 7(11):9508-22. 2015.

Coleus Extract



White Kidney Bean Extracts

We are among the prestigious names in the industry, making available White Kidney Bean Extract Powder for our valued customers. The offered product is obtained from dried white beans and is regarded for its ability to promote weight loss. Our offered product processed under hygienic conditions, this array is characterized by high purity and accurate composition. We provide this product at industry leading price to the patrons.


  • Accurate composition
  • Processed under hygienic conditions
  • High purity

Product Description
White Kidney Bean is the first of its kind, an all-natural supplement, non-stimulant which blocks carbohydrates formation. It was clinically proven in many studies that weight-loss is possible by delaying the absorption of crabs and aids in good digestion. Pure White Kidney Bean is known to be the mother-nature’s answer to weight loss! Pure White kidney Bean is all natural and 100% safe. The extraction is done in high-quality process which uses purified water. It has zero solvent and is free from toxins. The process is clinically tested with positive results.

Assay- NLT 20000 AIU/g, White to off white powder

White Kidney Bean Extract


Bacopa Extracts

With the help of diligent and skilled professionals, we have been able to offer our customers a qualitative range of Bacopa Extract. The offered products are extracted as per a standardized process and are made available in standardized packaging. These offered products are known for their high nutritional content and promote the overall good health of the patrons. In addition, we allow our esteemed customers to avail the offered range of product at very reasonable prices.


  • Free from foreign particles
  • Long shelf life
  • Hygienically packed

Product Description
We are offering high-end quality of Bacopa Extract to our clients. Our range of bacopa extract is used in formulating one of the most popular neurotonics (bacopa monnieri, a well-known memory booster). It is a commonly found Indian herb given to infants to boost memory power intelligence, and mental health. Bacopa monnieri is also called brahmi, a name derived from brahma, the creator god of the hindu pantheon of deities. It is said that the use of bacopa monnieri for memory enhancement, goes back 3000 years or more in India, when it was cited for its medicinal properties, especially the memory-enhancing capacity, in the vedic texts of atharva veda samhita (3:1) of 800 b. C. And in Ayurveda.


  • Improves intellect, consciousness and mental acuity
  • Calms the mind and promotes relaxation - increases protein synthesis and activity in brain cells
  • Improves memory, mental clarity and longevity, decreases anxiety, restlessness and senility
  • Most commonly used to improve mental alertness, and enhance learning and academic performance
  • We also meet clients specifications when demanded


Phyllanthus Emblica (Amla)


  • Unadulterated
  • Safe consumption
  • High nutritious value

Product Description
Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) (commonly known as Indian Gooseberry) is a deciduous plant which is useful for its medicinal value. Due to its high content of vitamin C and polyphenols, amla extract is a potent antioxidant.
Available with- 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%.


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